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When all else fails, roll a bunch of dice behind your screen, study them for a moment with a look of deep concern mixed with regret, let loose a heavy sigh and announce that Tiamat swoops from the sky and attacks. You can walk on earth but not on water (unless you have the right pair of boots or spell). Avoid being seen with him for risk of guilt by association.

For safe utilization of elemental magic, remember the following guidelines. You can do a lot of things with fire, but almost all of them are bad ideas. If Volo appears in your campaign, your DM is undoubtedly trying to kill your character in a manner that can be blamed on your own actions.

Our Word of the Year choice serves as a symbol of each year’s most meaningful events and lookup trends.

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That goes double for mindflayers, which absolutely, utterly, and completely do not exist. They only make the mind cluttered, confused, and unpleasantly chewy. Go ahead, put down this book and watch some reality TV or Internet cat videos. Wizards of the Coast does not officially endorse the following tactics, which are guaranteed to maximize your enjoyment as a Dungeon Master.

First, always keep a straight face and say OK no matter how ludicrous or doomed the players' plan of action is.

The author happens to harbor no ill will against a certain country that is integral to the plot.

I was limited to choosing a dictatorship reachable by domestic flight.

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Wizards of the Coast does not vouch for, guarantee, or provide any promise regarding the validity of the information provided in this volume by Volothamp Geddarm. The DM is probably trying to do that anyway, but with Volo's appearance, you know for sure.

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  2. Jonathan Riley-Smith, , London This may not be his most challenging work, and it was only the first book among a great many, but Riley-Smith did much to transform the study of the Military Orders from potboilers about Templar crimes to an important sub-division of crusader research.

  3. For signs that are not included in the dictionary, post a comment telling us the signs you want and we will try to add them during our next round of revisions.