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In this blog post I will demonstrate an error handling mechanism which can be used to achieve guaranteed delivery of messages in a specific order.To implement this I have used Oracle SOA Suite 11g, BPEL 2.0.

The number between brackets indicates the order of an example flow in which an error occurs in the problem Service.

It is meant to simulate a reporting activity or similar.

It then produces the same message again with selector 'A' The above picture shows how the processes are related. An arrow from the Topic to a process (the other boxes are the processes) indicates the process consumes messages.

The below picture illustrates this (my simplified interpretation) The topic uses by default a FIFO ordering based on JMSMessage Id. If however messages arrive in the time period between picking up the message and re-enqueueing the error message, the order might be lost.

To achieve better ordering, the JMSPriority can be used.

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