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I don’t disagree that life as a privileged person in India is way way more comfortable than life as a middle class person in the US and many people who fit culturally choose to go back.

Or are you claiming that only a native of Delhi could know that Delhi is not Boston?Or, to put it more concisely, your comment makes no sense whatsoever Ofcourse Delhi isn’t Boston.But it doesn’t follow that Delhi women in particular would make suboptimal choices to improve “safety”?It’s not a trade-off any student is willing to make.The social and cultural context that you think that only you are aware off is this: We have very few good quality institutes of higher education and it’s impossible to get into them.

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That still leaves huge numbers of people who are happy to live with their in-laws, happy to cover themselves up, and are not interested in getting shitfaced in a bar.

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  1. You get up in age and you've worked for a company for 35 years and they [push you out] and I had no idea anything about how to get help. The only thing I can hope for now is to receive enough food stamps to feed me and then try to juggle my ,200 budget from Social Security to cover my ,000 per month rent and pay the rest of my bills.