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A church investigation had uncovered 20 victims of Precht, ranging from age 15 to 35. Although the criminal trial considered only crimes committed by the priest between 19, the judge ruled that the Church had had prior notice of Aguirre's criminal tendencies and so was jointly responsible for reparations to the victims.Yet Precht is now allowed again to say Mass publicly, Ezzati said; he has regained “his fundamental exercise of the rights he has as a presbyter." Ezzati's lenience toward Precht is reflected in the Chilean bishops' latest abuse policy: Care and Hope: Guidelines of the Episcopal Conference of Chile to Deal with the Cases of Sexual Abuse of Minors. It instead gives the bishop the option of a range of penalties (see paragraph 60, page 42). Francisco Javier Cartes Aburto, CMF Bishop Cristián Contreras Molina, OLM Brother Luis Cornejo Silva, SM Archbishop Francisco José Cox Huneeus, Schön Rev. The Church was guilty of failing to act with care to prevent future crimes, the judge said.This is our second database of accused clergy in Latin America (see our Argentina database); we eventually will produce accused priest databases for all countries with significant Catholic populations. Jose Andres Aguirre Ovalle Brother Armando Alegría, SM Rev. He disclosed the abuse in 1981 to Marist brother Mariano Varona, who stated in a 2018 interview that he informed his provincial at the time. There had been rumors of Alegría's proclivities with boys; in 1977 two students had found a polaroid of Alegría masturbating with a boy in a tent during a camping trip.(Also see the Chilean database in Spanish.) This database collates information from media coverage and court filings, which exist only because of the courage of survivors and the diligence of journalists. Alegria's most recent assignment was in computer services at the Marists' general house in Rome, 2011-2017. The Provincial Superior of the Society of the Divine Word immediately announced the Society’s “full support” of another trial for Aguinaldo, so that he could “demonstrate his complete innocence.” In February 2012, the Supreme Court upheld the priest's conviction and sentence, rejecting a mistrial motion by the defense. Plácido Soto Quiroz Unnamed Marist Brothers Unnamed Priests Rev. Aguinaldo was sentenced January 2012 to a 4-year, 200-day probation rather than the eight years in prison requested by the prosecutor. The school, in a statement published by the diocese of San Bernardo, admitted it had not reported within the 24-hour period mandated by law (see Chile's Code of Criminal Procedure articles 175 and 176). Convicted December 2011 of sexually abusing two four-year-olds at the Liceo Alemán del Verbo Divino (German School of the Divine Word) in Chicureo [Chacabuco Province].

In late 2015, the victim's family dropped the lawsuit in exchange for a public apology and unspecified reparations by the Society.

A report by CIPER, a Chilean center for investigative journalism, found that the school’s primary concern was to report the abuse to the diocese before civil authorities or the victim’s family.

Emotiva Eucarista de despedida en Victoria al prroco Carlos Aedo del Sagrado Corazn,, Suspenden a sacerdote de Purn por denuncia de abuseo sexual ocurrido hace 27 aos, biobiochile, Sacerdote de Purén fue suspendido tras acusación de abuso sexual a menor,, Vicar of education of San Bernardo diocese until 2007. Committed suicide in September 2010 after admitting to church officials that he had grabbed the buttocks of a 14-year-old schoolboy and tried to kiss him during confession.

A year later, civil authorities told Aguinaldo that he would have to leave Chile upon completion of his sentence in 2017.

Rimsky Mario Alfonso Rojas Andrade, SDB Deacon Eduardo Rojas Gonzáles Rev. [See the court's ruling.] The family of one of the victims filed a civil suit in September 2012 for 700 million pesos against the school.

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