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Armstrong College in Edmond, Oklahoma, and hired workers all participated in the excavation work."The city wall that has been uncovered testifies to a ruling presence.This gay culture is kind of similar to historical buggery or sodomy culture in the western countries.As a result of this bisexual culture, there is a big transvestite & transgender society in Istanbul and in other big cities of Turkey.The tower is located today under the nearby road and still needs to be excavated.Nineteenth century British surveyor Charles Warren, who conducted an underground survey in the area, first described the outline of the large tower in 1867 but without attributing it to the era of Solomon.Between the large tower at the city gate and the royal building the archaeologists uncovered a section of the corner tower that is eight meters in length and six meters high.The tower was built of carved stones of unusual beauty. Though the Roman Empire occupied Jerusalem and certainly spread its currency there, the only known Roman coins from the ancient Jewish capital have all come to historians and archaeologists through ...

Hetero-flexible / bisexual guys are supposedly top and do not have sex with each other.The excavations in the Ophel area were carried out over a three-month period with funding provided by Daniel Mintz and Meredith Berkman, a New York couple interested in Biblical Archeology.The funding supports both completion of the archaeological excavations and processing and analysis of the finds as well as conservation work and preparation of the site for viewing by the public within the Ophel Archaeological Park and the national park around the walls of Jerusalem.Turkey has got a traditional bisexual or hetero-flexible culture taking its root from the history.The classic gay relationship is between real gay men and bi-curios men.

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