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There can be no doubt that an Israelite Exodus from Egypt occurred.However, a number of significant historical and geographical questions remain concerning events prior to and during the Exodus.Discerning in the Israelites a multitude who might very well join with his Asiatic enemies in war, this new king moreover acted quickly to enslave the Israelites.

The Hyksos were foreign invaders who overran Egypt in the 17th century BC and established two contemporaneous dynasties.

In a word, it appears that the biblical, historical, and archaeological data are best served by theorizing that it was a Hyksos monarch before whom Joseph stood as an interpreter of dreams (Gen.

-37) and who later ceded a choice parcel of land (Goshen) to Joseph's family (Gen. According to such a theory, the "new king" of Exodus 1:8 would have been one of the native Egyptian monarchs of the New Kingdom who, as part of his Hyksos purge, resolutely refused to recognize the validity of the Goshen land grant.

They held the southern lands in check with an alliance with the Nubian kingdom of Cush.

Despite this, the southern Egyptian city of Thebes finally began a war of independence that culminated with the expulsion of the Hyksos by Ahmose I in 1567 BC.

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