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EDITOR'S NOTE: Operation Holiday, a partnership between the Woman's Club of Morristown and the Daily Record, was launched in 1971 to assist Morris County's families in need. Articles, contributed by the Woman's Club, will appear in the pages of The Daily Record for the next month detailing the effort and those in need.

Sandra and her teen son are thankful to finally have an apartment of their own after years of not knowing where they would sleep each night.

"It's been a rough few days to say the least."Bredow was sentenced to serve seven days but the Oakland County Jail credits inmates with one day of service for every five days they serve successfully.

Bredow was released just after midnight on Monday, which marked her sixth day.

Sandra did not request any items for herself, but the family could use gift cards to Shoprite and Walmart to purchase food and household supplies.

Patricia (Case K-37) is a 91-year-old woman who resides in a local nursing home.

Keith needs a warm winter coat and shirts in men’s size small, sweatpants in size medium and jeans in size 32-33.

Matheson testified on Tuesday that she objects to vaccines on both religious and medical grounds.

That case resumes tomorrow in front of Mc Donald, when Schmitt is expected to testify.

The case is the second one this week in Mc Donald's court where divorced parents disagree on whether or not to vaccinate their child.

In a separate case, Lori Matheson and her ex-husband, Michael Schmitt, are arguing in front of Mc Donald on whether or not to vaccinate their 2-year-old daughter.

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