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Rory's lack of emotional investment in her long-term squeeze and the subsequent lack of guilt she felt for cheating on him was tough to swallow for some longtime fans of the show.(Sherman-Palladino and Palladino addressed some of that Rory criticism here.) However, to get both sides of the argument, Have you gotten a chance to watch the episodes yet?It's so exciting to get to work on her material.How was it diving into that material and that pace again after all these years, particularly with these core members of the cast like Lauren and Alexis?

When asked about their relationship by Lorelai, who also forgot meeting him prior to the dinner, Rory insisted she was going to break things off.

We don't really know the inner workings of their relationship or how much time they've actually spent together if she's been on the road a lot, and I don't know if Rory handles the relationship in a great way, but what I gather and from what I've read, she ends up acknowledging toward the end that she might have handled it better. It's never been a show about perfect people being perfect.

How much do you know about the reaction to all four episodes, since you've haven’t been able to watch them yet? I don't think that the audience would want that.

I didn't know too many details, but when Amy Sherman-Palladino wants to put you in something, I feel like you should do it.

She is so talented and she has this great pace and style to her dialogue, which is sort of this amazing combination of theatrical and realistic.

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