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Whatever the rights and wrongs of the legal case, ‘menace’ tends to evoke images of very large men of grim appearance, wielding serious weaponry so as to coerce someone into doing something.Also, why was the tweet described as ‘menacing’ rather than ‘threatening’ or even ‘intimidating’?When you walk into a room, you give off a vibe that people instantly respond to, like you're just breezing through while your private jet waits outside. Be aware of your impact and know your own strength.Otherwise, you can turn from Christian Grey to Lenny from "Of Mice And Men," and shit will go downhill real quick.Have you ever been faced with that impossible question from a friend?She looks you in the eye and asks for the truth—for one moment of brutal honesty: “Why doesn’t he like me? I don’t know about you, but when I tell my friends they are intimidating, what I mean is that they are just too awesome for the guy.The main meaning of the noun is ‘a person or thing that’s a threat or danger to others’: characters is Dennis the Menace.Dennis is a badly behaved boy rather than an out-and-out yob.

You're a bright and beautiful orb of majesty and light.

Intimidating people are something of an anomaly, in that they are literally real-life X-Men.

Sure, you put your pants on every day one leg at a time, but there is something about you that just exudes mystery and inspires fear. Much like the X-Men (and Christian Grey,) you need to use your power for good.

When a person threatens someone, on the other hand, they make a strongly worded vow that very nasty or harmful things will definitely occur unless their victim goes along with what the threatener wants.

The instigator can threaten a person: The evidence on the OEC for ‘threaten’ shows that, with 155,566 occurrences, it crops up much more frequently in our language than either ‘menace’ or ‘intimidate’.

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  1. Just keep in mind that their motivation for this may not be as pure as you think and you may find yourself wifeless once she has got citizenship/money through marrying you.