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It is horribly sexist, and says everything about men, and nothing about me. Granted, the superficial reasons large women experience this treatment are different from those of the "super hot looking women," but the core issue is identical, humans commodify women.

Still it makes my life miserable.” Number 11: “Crazy people fixate on me. It does not matter if society calls you supermodel or fatso.

I wear lots of dark shirts to hide my chest, always high-cut; If I wear shorts I cannot wear a tank top (way too sexy); I balance everything so that only one 'attribute' is vaguely discernible at a time.

I over-dress at work to ensure that my figure is completely hidden.

My boyfriend was killed, and someone I had gone to high school with posted online, ‘I could care less. A normal girl can throw on shorts and a tank top on a hot day and go to the market.

If I did that, it would cause a huge commotion.” Number 7: “People use me like a trophy or a prop.

I never get approached when I'm out, a plain, less pretty girl will get chatted up- I never do!! I see the women creating cliques and exchanging number. We must find ways to be seen as humans - rather than objects - regardless of our looks!When I asked a certain women I got on with, if she would like to keep in touch, she declined. I hide my figure on my dating profile so I don't attract the wrong types, then when men meet me in person they can barely talk to me: they get so nervous, they can almost talk about nothing else! Sitting in a booth helps: they cannot see my entire figure (v.Her friend from the group funnily enough isn't that attractive. I get guys who say 'nice tits' and proposition me, others claim I'm out of their league, or I'm too good for them, the last guy I dated said this, I thought he was attractive. at a bar stool), and can focus on getting to know me.Yoga is the only public environment where I can relax and enjoy my body - the lights are low, and it's a non-judgmental atmosphere. However, they are mostly single and good-looking - I patently avoid hanging out with married friends when their husbands are around, because I want to honor their relationships and never be a distraction.There is nothing more awkward than someone's husband cornering me at a party or ignoring his wife to talk to me! I would love to meet a man with whom I share a deep connection; someone who cares for me as an intelligent, loving person, rather than as a possession. The world will be a beautiful place when people can be seen as people.

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That does not make me shallow.” Number 4: “People always think that I am dumb and vacuous.

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