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In addition, Jelsoft provides world-renowned technical support, with the average support ticket answered within 3 hours, at any time of the day or night, 7 days a week.(Source: v Bulletin)"Jelsoft Enterprises Ltd is a UK based new media company specialising in developing low-cost, high-performance web applications.

On October 5, 1994, the first World Teachers' Day was held.

This event has been organized on the same date each year since then.

These include celebrations to honor teachers in general or those who have made a special contribution to a particular community.

Trade unions or other professional organizations that represent teachers play an important role in organizing World Teachers' Day events in many countries.v Bulletin'in diğer forum sistemlerinden farkı, diğer sistemlerden daha profesyonel olmasına rağmen kullanımının daha basit olmasıdır.Birincisi yıllık lisans ikincisi ise süresiz lisanstır."took with them virtually every type of document a competitor would need to enter the market and unlawfully create a competing bulletin board software program." Since the initial release of the v Bulletin forum product in 2000, there have been many changes and improvements.Something happened in the last few days or even week or two possibly, that nobody can register to my forums because of a problem with the image verification on my server or the server where the image verification is supplied.The fix is to download a new zip file and upload those files making sure you replace the ones on the server.

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