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Not only was Thomas coming to terms with his significant injuries, he was also forced to miss a performance of his favorite artist, the Zac Brown Band, in Camden, New Jersey on Friday.

They were joined by James Marsden, Oscar Nunez, Joel Mc Hale, Luke Hemsworth and Jamie Lee Curtis to name a few.'He was cool, I was really taken aback he was in this room talking to him.''I talked to him for about an hour. 'We talked for a little bit then he gave me two hats, a shirt, a signed album.''And next year, once I get better, he gave me a card so I can go to a free show and go to the front, and I can go on stage with him.'He said that the promise of being able to join the band on stage was pushing him to get better as soon as he could.'The concert gives me motivation to get better,' he said.'I should be walking by September with a walker.I should have recovered by around February or March.With an Olympic 2012 freestyle gold medal swimmer in the team it seems highly likely that Connor, 28, had little trouble doing his part in the chilly Pacific Ocean.That left Dylan, 25, to bring the team home by running along Zuma's beautiful coastal track.

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